•  The Smartest Way to Grow Food at Home



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GardenSpace is a smart camera to help you grow your very own food.

Know if your plants are healthy

GardenSpace is a smart-camera that sits in your vegetable patch and monitors the health of your plants.

Never forget to water again

GardenSpace detects water stress in your garden and waters your plants the right amount. Never waste or forget to water again.

Keep animals off

GardenSpace detects and deters animal pest intruders with a harm free water spray, keeping your plants safe.

For growers of
any experience


Control your garden from the touch of a button. Our GardenSpace application lets you learn when to plant new vegetables, harvest growing ones and check up on progress.


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For gardens of any shape and size

With a single GardenSpace camera you can grow up to 100 square feet.

That is enough space to produce over $700 worth of produce every year.

And set-up is simple, just connect your GardenSpace to the internet, place it in your garden and plug in your garden hose.

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