GardenSpace is an easy to use farm tool that allows you to digitalise your crop. We help you collect, utilise and monetise your crop data. Our low touch easy to use hardware is perfect for small & large farms.




GardenSpace combines thermal and multispectral imaging to give you precise data in real time. Our sensors provide localised insight into how your crop is growing. For detailed specifications of the sensors please contact our team through the contact form.

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Working with GardenSpace sensors is easy. We offer our sensors on a low cost leasing model, no upfront costs. Just pay for the sensors when you need them. Every sensors is maintained and uptime is guaranteed.


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We are looking to work with farmers and commercial growers who would like to be apart of our pilot program. If this is you, please contact us via our email form below.


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We are based in Canberra, Australia.

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hello (at) getgardenspace (dot) com

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